Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 5 Picks

True to the regular season, the Tigers bullpen has melted down in spectacular fashion, and Ausmus has made some questionable decisions (like taking Sanchez out after only 2 innings).  Down 0-2 in the series.  It's not over, but they're going to have to really turn it on now if they want any chance of winning.

Great slate of games yesterday.  As you mentioned, UK pulled off a huge win over South Carolina, and I was actually able to watch it.  That was fun.
Within 5 minutes, UK beat SC and Arizona State pulled off a Hail Mary against USC.  Then Utah raced out to a lead and held on to beat UCLA.  A very good night for college football.

I took a couple weeks off from picks because I've had a terrible season picking so far.  Time to dust myself off and try again.

Bears over Panthers
With Greg Hardy out, the Panthers defense doesn't look the same.  The Bears defense doesn't look good either - particularly their run game - but the Panthers offense is hurting right now.

Titans over Browns
I guess this sounds right.

Rams over Eagles
I don't think the NFL has "figured out" Chip Kelly's offense, but I do think that their offensive line is beat up, and that Nick Foles isn't as good as he looked at times last season.  The Rams defensive line will wreak havoc and pull out a close win here at Philadelphia.

Falcons over Giants
I thought the Falcons were on their way back to the top, but they look extremely inconsistent.  I think they'll have a big game here and destroy the Giants.

Saints over Bucs
This game is in New Orleans.  Bucs lose by a lot.  A LOT.

Cowboys over Texans
I like that the Cowboys are using their running game more than they had in the past.  That's where their strength lies, anyway.   Still, there's a decent chance they'll kill Murray if they keep running him this much.

Lions over Bills
I don't put much faith in the Lions defense, but I trust them enough to think they'll beat Kyle Orton.

Colts over Ravens
Colts have been racking up points.  That'll continue here.

Steelers over Jaguars
I actually picked up the Steelers defense in fantasy this week just to be able to pick up some Jags points.  I predict it will work out well for me.

Cardinals over Broncos
In Cardinals defense I trust.

49ers over Chiefs
Although the Chiefs did put on a pretty impressive showing against the Patriots on Monday Night.  I'm no believer in the Patriots this year, but that was still quite a show.

Chargers over Jets
Philip Rivers goes nuts.

Bengals over Patriots
That Bengals defense is going to have a fantastic day.

Seahawks over Redskins
This could get ugly in a hurry.

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