Saturday, July 28, 2012

#Sadderday Thoughts

Can't help but be sad when I think about how a lineup of Votto- Hamilton- Bruce- Encarnacion almost came to fruition for the Reds.

I'm out on Dwight Howard. This has become too much. Just this week, new GM Rob Hennigan flew to LA to meet with Howard in one last attempt to see if he'd re-sign with Orlando. Before his plane had gotten back to Orlando, everything they had discussed had been leaked. It was made know that Howard vowed to never sign another contract with Orlando and that the Magic had three options: Trade him to the Lakers now, the Nets at the trade deadline or watch him sign with Dallas next summer. Clearly, Orlando has no reason to leak these options and effectively kill what little leverage they had, so I'm certain it was Howard and agent Dan Fegan. I don't have a problem with a guy leaving as a free agent. If Dwight opted out during the season and signed with Brooklyn, I'd have no ill will towards him. Instead, he got scared of the public backlash, opted in, has been comically  indecisive, and is now holding the Magic hostage to take 25 cents on the dollar for him. Fuck him. I had been a fan since he was in high school, and he just happened to land on my favorite NBA team. I've spent the last eight years watching him develop into a dominant defensive player and an underrated offensive player. I've defended him more times than I care to remember against people who clearly haven't watched him play since 2009. I will be realistic though. I still believe he's the best defender in the league and the second best player in the league. After all, there is a reason teams are still jumping through these hoops for him. But m rooting interest for him is finished. I don't care if he develops another post move. Don't really care if the back injury heals. While both scenarios would be extremely fun to watch as a basketball fan, I would be forced to root actively against the Lakers/Nets if he winds up there. The Dallas scenario is slightly less fun now, as Dirk will be a year older, Deron Williams is in Brooklyn and the Mavericks wouldn't have enough cap room to add another superstar. Which is now what I'm rooting for. Watching him waste away in Dallas during Dirk's twilight years with a few overpaid role players as the Thunder/Lakers/Spurs battle for the next couple of Western Conference crowns would be a delight. I can only hope the monkey that previously resided on LeBron's back, can now find a humble abode between the broad shoulders of #12. 

I don't think I'll have to look long to fill the void of my favorite player. Anthony Davis has pole position. It sucked to see Blake Griffin get injured, but I'm thrilled Davis gets a chance to travel/play with and against/learn from the best. It was surreal to watch Davis hit a three pointer against the Dominican Republic and watch LeBron James, Kevin Duran and Chris Paul run to pick him up off the floor.  He's going to be amazing.

Orlando decided today that Jacques Vaughn will be the new head coach for the Magic. I'm cool with that. As I've stated, I did not want a recycled coach. If we're starting anew, let's start anew. That means avoiding the Nate McMillan's and Mike D'Antoni's of the world. Give some new blood a chance. Vaughn has spent the last six seasons as a player or coach under Gregg Poppovich, so he has been working with one of the best. Hennigan has been with the Spurs or Thunder since 2004. Find organizations that have sustained success and emulate them. I like this hire.

I don't know if you've heard Rick Ross' new album, God Forgives, I Don't yet. It's a so-so album, but do yourself a favor and check out Andre 3000's verse on "Sixteen". My goodness.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's This, You Ask?

Just Mr. Belding chilling with Bronsolino.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beal, Baseball, Football (!!!) and Batman

I won't delve too deep into draft thoughts, mainly because you covered pretty much everything and I agree with you on most points.  The only one I disagree with you on is Beal.  I watched a lot of Florida games this year, and I really like him.  I think he'll do well with Wall.  He's more active than he's given credit for.  He played with a great backcourt in Florida, and he knew that, so he deferred to them quite a bit.  But he has a lot of talent, and seemed to get better as the season went on.  I think Wall/Beal will be terrific in a year or so.

I haven't followed the Howard situation very closely, but he sounds insane.  I have nothing more to add.

I'm currently watching the Tigers lose to the Twins.  It's been a rough season so far.  No real winning streaks to speak of.  No real losing streaks to speak of.  They are currently sitting at 39-40.  Over their last 10 games, they are 5-5.  They have been a very inconsistent team.  I keep waiting for them to rip off an 8 game winning streak, but they haven't come close to doing that so far.  They're a better team than this.
Still, even with their inconsistency, they're only 3 games back on the division.  They got off to a similar start last season, and ended up winning the division by 15 games.  So I know they can do it.  But they're really starting to try my patience.

I've been watching quite a few other teams this year, as well.  As I stated before in this blog, I started following the Dodgers.  And, though they've been struggling as of late, they have also produced their share of exciting moments.  I've been making a point to watch the Angels (for Trout) and the Nationals (for Harper).  I have watched a handful of Marlins games.  It's been a fun season, overall.  All I need is for the Tigers to start winning and I'll be a happy man.

And then I look at the calendar and see that it says July 2.  A little over a month from now (August 9), the Packers will play their first preseason game against the Chargers.  It's getting very close now.  I can hardly wait.  I have high hopes for this season.
Not sure if you've seen this or not, but NFL Game Rewind is now offering the All-22 coaches film.  I'm seriously considering purchasing that package this year.

The Dark Knight Rises comes out on July 20th.  I take it you'll actually see that movie in the theater?