Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Ode to Kevin Garnett

Apparently, Kevin Garnett took issue to this.

Afterwards, he said this, "When you're comfortable, you do things like that."

Apparently, Kevin Garnett was very comfortable here.

And here.

And here.

What a clown. Barking on his hands and knees at a rookie point guard. Clapping and pointing at a man 8 inches shorter than you and 50 pounds lighter. Finally picking on someone your own size...by slapping him in the back of the head while he isn't looking. Part of me wants the Heat to sweep these wackass Celtics. Part of me wants them to meet the Spurs in the Finals, so Duncan can prove his superiority once and for all.

I leave you with this video, which does a fine job summing up a lot of Garnett's creepy behavior.

Monday, May 28, 2012

ECF, WCF and Draft Lottery Dreams

You're preaching to the choir on Pierce. I like Bass/Pietrus from their days in Orlando and I tolerate Rondo for his Wildcat connections, but the rest are clowns.

We spoke about it some, but it's worth reiterating: If Shaq became the Orlando GM, that was probably quits for me and Orlando. I would have happily stepped back and watched the influx of Kentucky players into the NBA before picking my next squad. But Shaq did the right thing and withdrew his hat from the job...possibly before his name was really even in the hat for the job.

I'm delighted to read that Orlando has been looking at some executives from the Thunder/Spurs/Pacers to fill the void at GM. These are teams that have slowly but surely built quality teams, and now they get to reap the benefits for the next several years. As for coach, I wouldn't mind taking a stab at a guy without coaching experience. I've heard Brian Shaw's name mentioned quite a bit, and I'd be fine with that. I want no part of Mike D'Antoni, or another retread coach like Nate McMillan. This team should be broken down and rebuilt slowly, so I wouldn't oppose taking a chance at a young GM/coach pair and hoping they, along with the new facilities in Orlando, can build a winning team. I don't mind taking a couple of steps back, as long as there is a plan in place to make some leaps forward in the future.

I'm really counting on David Stern to fix the draft so Brooklyn can get the #1 pick. I imagine Mikhail Prokhorov holding Stern over a balcony by his ankles to ensure this. Wednesday is the draft lottery, so that very scenario could be playing itself out as we speak. Exhilarating.

To no one's surprise, the Spurs took care of business last night. They had a phenomenal 4th quarter to put away a OKC team that had been playing well all game. The Spurs are too smart to go away from what works for them, unlike the Lakers. I think the Spurs win in 6 games max, though I wouldn't be surprised to see it end earlier. San Antonio is legit.

Miami is currently handling the Celtics. All is well in the world.

The Definitive Paul Pierce Picture

By the look on his face, you can tell he's trying to draw a foul (I know because I've seen that face thousands of times).  He's picking up his dribble, which means he's already taken one step without a dribble, and is in the process of taking 3 more, then jacking up a terrible shot and hoping for a foul call.
If he gets the foul call (and especially if he makes the shot first), he will walk around for a second, acting very tough, like he fought through a murder attempt just to get the shot off.
If he doesn't get the foul call, he will complain to the ref for the next 5 minutes.

By the look of this picture, he will get a foul call, even though he shouldn't.

I hate Paul Pierce.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Okay...I gotta ask.
How are you dealing with all this Orlando madness?
First, they fire Van Gundy and Smith.  I know you were not a huge fan of Smith, but I believe you liked Van Gundy pretty well.
But now they're talking about interviewing Shaq for their GM position, in an attempt to keep Dwight around.  I was under the impression that Dwight and Shaq aren't exactly huge fans of each other.
Being a Magic fan, you have a long history with Shaq.  Starting with love, which has turned to hate over the past few years.
So...what do you think of all this nonsense?

I just got done watching the 76ers beat the Celtics and take the series to Game 7.  Did you know that makes the Celtics 2-11 in close-out games on the road during the Big Three era?  That was surprising to me.
And I was reminded (yet again) of how annoying it is to watch Paul Pierce.  It seems like his goal on every single possession is to get a foul call.  And, if he doesn't get it, he yells and pouts.  I really want this Celtics team to lose.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Couple of things.

First, this killed me. Absolutely killed me.

I've been hypothesizing/fantasizing/praying for sometime about a situation that would lead to the Nets getting the #1 pick so they could trade it to Orlando for Dwight Howard. Other pieces would have to be involved and the chances are slim, but the end result would be the same. The Nets get to open up that new stadium with Dwight/Deron Williams likely re-signing and sell all the Howard/Williams jerseys they can print. Orlando gets yet another promising big man to build around until he forces his way out of town. I get to watch my favorite player on my favorite college team develop on my favorite NBA team. Everybody wins...namely me. This scenario is covered here. The author here suggests that he would not trade Davis for Howard, and he has his reasons. If this was on the table, I don't think there is anyway the Nets turn this down.

First of all, if you keep Davis you probably lose Deron Williams and you're ultimately back at square one. I love Ant Davis, but will the people of Brooklyn after they've been dreaming about the likes of LeBron/Melo/Dwight headlining the new team? I can't imagine a Davis jersey selling the way a Howard one would, or fans coming out to see Jordan Farmar pass to Anthony Davis. Howard puts asses in seats and jerseys on backs immediately. Second of all, the article mentions that in 2015, Howard will be 30. And in 2016, he'll be 31! A lot can happen in three NBA years. Word to Danny Granger averaging 26 ppg, Troy Murphy averaging 12 rpg, and Shaq leading the league in FG%. All of which happened three seasons ago. If you get Dwight/Deron on board, Gerald Wallace likely opts in for the last season of his contract. A team built around Dwight/Deron/Wallace is immediately a three seed, in my opinion and maybe higher with Derrick Rose on the mend. Start adding pieces and you can compete for a title in that four year window. Third, the injury concerns about Howard are legit, I guess. Back issues are definitely serious, but this one appears to have been caught early and he was shut down before he could do any debilitating damage to it. He also had surgery relatively early, and will have plenty of time to rest up. I hate that he got hurt, but he probably couldn't have done it at a better time for his own recovery. If that deal comes up, New Jersey takes it. They've put entirely too much time/money to let a 19 year old, even one of Davis' potential, come between the millions that a Howard/Williams pairing would guarantee.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Glad to see you're on board with LeBron's third MVP.  He definitely deserved it.  It's amazing to me how he keeps improving, season after season.

I have no problem with the Heat not sweeping the Knicks.  They won the series easily.  4 game or 5 games doesn't really matter to me.  They start their series against the Pacers today.  They should have a little more trouble with them than the Knicks, but I still expect the Heat to win the series in 5 or 6 games.

Game 7 of the Clippers/Grizzlies series is starting in about 20 minutes.  I'm really pulling for the Clippers.  They should have won Game 6, but they really melted down at the end.  Hopefully they can hold on and win today.

I watched the first game of the Celtics/76ers series last night.  Very upsetting that the 76ers lost.  And it did nothing to change my mind that the Celtics are one of the dirtiest teams in the league (with Garnett at the forefront).  I hate watching them play, and I hope they get knocked out sooner rather than later.  Of course, unless the 76ers can hit a shot when they need to, I don't see that happening.

I'll sign off for now and watch the Clippers game.  More thoughts (especially Tigers-related thoughts) coming later.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

LBJ- MVP x 3

LeBron James rightfully won his third MVP trophy today. Lost in all the criticism about his postseason struggles, is what a special season he had. 27 ppg, 8 rpg, 6 apg, 2 spg on 53% FG shooting. Don't forget the first team All-Defense he played this year. Even with those numbers, his best skill is his consistency. He brings it every single night in every single aspect of the game. That's what separates him from the rest of the field. I still argue with a guy at work every once a while about Kobe vs. LeBron, but there is no argument for who is the best player in the league right now. I've yet to hear a compelling argument for Kobe over LeBron that doesn't involve championships. If that's the case, Kobe is the best player in the league, Derek Fisher is second and Tim Duncan is third. Is that the kind of world you want to live in?

I did hear something I found interesting though. LeBron said he got his first MVP trophy as the best player of an undefeated team...where the coach gave everyone on the team MVP trophies. I hate everyone on the team getting trophies, leagues not keeping score so no one feels bad, other BS like this. Is this a reason why LeBron doesn't feel the need to prove he's better than everyone else? Miami was up 2-1 over Dallas last year and LeBron had a stinker of a game (8 points, 3-11 FG, 4 turnovers, 9 boards, 7 assists). Even then, he had chances to make plays at the end of the game to close it out, as Miami only lost by three. He never recovered, and neither did the Heat. This season, Miami had a chance to close out the Knicks with a sweep and couldn't do it. I think Ric Bucher made a good point: LeBron's main competition at SF are Durant and Melo. Hopefully he gets a chance to go 7 games with Durant for the title later this postseason. For now though, he has a chance to vanquish Melo. A friend of his, but also a guy he will always be compared to because of their draft class and elite talent. If LeBron sweeps Melo, the offseason is full of stories with the New York media doubting Melo. If the roles were reversed, Melo would have gladly stepped on LeBron's neck. In this case, LeBron left Shane Battier to get dominated by Melo in the final minutes of the game without demanding to guard Melo. Granted this is nitpicking, as it was Game 4 in a first round series where the Heat were up 3-0, but still. If this situation arises with the Celtics in the ECF of Thunder/Spurs in the Finals? Pierce/Durant/Ginobili will have no issue stepping on your neck. It bears watching.

Kevin Love finished above Dwight Howard on the MVP ballot and Derrick Rose/Joe Johnson each landed on the ballot with a vote a piece. Laughable.

The playoffs have been very enjoyable. I'm very interested to see how much blame Kobe will get if his Lakers can't get past the Nuggets. His shots per game are up from the regular season. Bynum and Gasol's shots per down are down from the regular season. Kobe has Arron Afflalo, a very good defender on him. Bynum/Gasol are being defended by the talented, but woefully undersized Javale McGee/Kenneth Faried. This shouldn't be. No one can match up with Bynum/Gasol down low. If Kobe chose to ride those guys, he might be able to pull of ring #6 this season. But that would involve him taking less shots and preserving his legs for crucial stretches of the game. What the hell am I thinking? By all means, Kobe keep putting up 25-30 shots and letting Bynum get 8 field goal attempts in a game.