Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You're Darryl Strawberry........Yes

The last half of the Titans schedule is more difficult than the first half. You could argue that the Titans don't have an impressive win yet. They've beaten:
-underachieving teams in Jacksonville, Minnesota and Indianapolis.
-A couple of pushovers in Cincy and Kansas City
-Two teams that had yet to show their true colors yet, Houston(being better than originally thought) and Baltimore(being worse).
Up next they have Green Bay, Chicago, Jacksonville, NY Jets, Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, Pittsburgh and close with Indianapolis. Not a murderers row per se, but more difficult than the first half. I change my pick of VY taking snaps in the next two weeks. Collins figures to lose one of the next four in my eyes, setting up VY for some snaps in that Detroit-Cleveland-Houston trio. I can feel it.

The thing with Goodell is something Dameshek has pointed out many times, what's different under his reign? Larry Johnson was just charged with assaulting a woman for the 4th time in 5 years. Pacman is being Pacman. Players were just busted for banned substances. What is his hard ass stance really doing? Keeping the hands of Randy Moss of of women? I think not.

Agreeing with McCarver really shook me up. I didn't get much sleep that night. But I still think this time off has to benefit the Phillies. They are a little older than the Rays and get to rest in their hometown. I'm sure some time at home really prepared them to go home and clinch this in Philly. For the Phillies, these past 2 days have dragged by. Mark Schlereth said the longest time in the world is waiting for that clock to tick down, knowing you're going to win the Super Bowl. For the Rays, they probably flew by. They are young guys who were getting a little momentum in the game, and had it halted. I think that has to affect them negatively. I predict Ryan Howard hits a 3-run homer in the 8th to give him the MVP and ultimately, the title to the Phillies.

I'm sure a college team- NFL game could never happen because you'd have to pay each side substantially and never in history has a college athlete received payment and they are not about to start now. There is no way any college football team would beat a NFL team. Like you said, not everyone on the college team will make it to the NFL. Everyone on the NFL team already has. Also, it goes into mind state. Do you really think a bunch of vets are going to let some college kids beat them? They'd play as dirty as they needed to to beat those kids into submission. In pickup basketball for example, an older man will go out of his way to embarrass a young guy. Block his shot, get physical, anything goes because they will not be outdone by a youngster. The NFL team would summon all they had to beat the college team and I don't even think the game would be close.

I'm not surprised Oden is on the shelf already. I am surprised as to what got him. I figured arthritis or osteoporosis would claim him before a bum wheel would.

Evely vs. Goodell

I watched the majority of the Titans/Colts game. We were kind of switching back-and-forth between that and the World Series game. But, after that game was suspended, we watched the rest of MNF with no interruption. You made a point about the Titans not being built to play from behind...but that's exactly what they did in this game. They were down against the Colts, and then we saw Kerry Collins unleash their passing game (yes...I just wrote that). It wasn't an amazing display of offense or anything, but they were surprisingly effective, and seemed to move the ball in the second half with no trouble at all. True, they probably won't be coming back from a 17-point 4th-quarter deficit, but how many teams are going to be able to do that on a consistent basis, anyway? With the Titans defense and running game, it's hard to see them getting blown out this year. So, if they are down, chances are it won't be by much. They showed they can move the ball through the air if they need to.
I do have this to say for the Colts: their run defense looked much better than I thought it would. I figured the Titans would kill them with their running game, but they did a good job of shutting it down. Unfortunately for them, the passing game was better than they thought.
One more Titans note: Collins won't stop playing until they lose...and you can take that to the bank.

Goodell rant:
This crap needs to stop. He's giving out fines like it's Christmas...a terrible, terrible Christmas. Every now and then, a play is missed on the field and a personal foul penalty goes by without a flag. If it's serious enough, I suppose it warrants a fine. But, as a general rule, if a flag is not thrown on the play, there shouldn't be a fine, and there definitely shouldn't be a suspension. I understand his "cleaning up the league" policy, but it's going too far. If you're playing football, there are times when you're going to get hit hard. Everyone who is playing knows that. It's unfortunate that bad things happen sometimes (like what happened to Boldin this year), but there's not always something malicious behind it. Sometimes a hard hit is just a hard hit. Is there a way we can get rid of him?

I'm thinking the Rays win this game...and shame on you for agreeing with Tim McCarver. If you noticed, he made his point about the Rays running game being slowed down by the rain right before Upton (easily) stole second base, then made it home on a shallow base hit, beating a throw that should've beaten him. I didn't see any lack of speed there. Perhaps if the entire field was under 3 feet of water it would slow their game, but they seemed to be doing pretty well until that point. Next you're going to tell me that you miss Scooter the talking baseball.
It is a little odd to be waiting a couple of days for them to finish the last couple of innings of a World Series game, especially when the Phillies could win the entire series in those innings. You have to admit, though, it's kind of fun. We get to watch 3 more innings of a World Series game, with the score tied 2-2. The Rays are playing to try to take the series back to Tampa, while the Phillies are already sniffing a championship. It would be a lot less dramatic if the score was 5-1 when it was suspended, but we're looking at a 2-2 game. I'm pretty excited to watch it tonight (if the weather permits it, of course). How do you think this messes with the players' mentality?

No fantasy basketball for Dusty. I don't really know too many people that are big basketball fans, but I don't have a league to join. I'm in a football and hockey league right now, so that's cool. You rolling with basketball? I know you're not doing hockey.

I've always been intrigued with the whole "Could a great college team beat a terrible NFL team" argument. On the one hand, I would like to agree with it. Florida's defense looks stout, and its offense is looking fantastic again, while the Lions look so terrible that they brought in Culpepper for a workout this week. On the other hand, though, I know that the majority of college players will never sniff the NFL. Not to mention the fact that a lot of NFL players have a lot more experience playing football at a high level.
Ultimately, I'll say that a terrible pro team will beat a good college team...but I would like to see this game. Is there a way to make it happen?

Oden is already injured. Surprised?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Rejoice I say! For OSU is out of the National Championship running! Now if we can get USC out of there, we'll be in business. Penn State is looking to run the table and be the next Big Ten team blown out by a SEC team in the championship so kudos to them. Florida-Georgia this Saturday will be huge for not only the SEC, but the Title picture. At the beginning of the season, I would have picked Georgia, but after the way Florida has played since losing to Ole Miss, I don't know if I can pick against them. Since that loss, they've won a combined 152-33, including hanging 65 on the Cats and 51 on LSU. Georgia has also looked good since losing against Alabama, and they've played tougher teams than Florida has and the game is in Athens. Right now, I'll go with Florida, but this is subject to change before Saturday.

Speaking hypothetically, how much would it suck if you had to wait one more night for your team to clinch the World Series in their hometown? You mean this actually happened? What a drag. The Rays were getting momentum but as Tim McCarver pointed out, REPEATEDLY, the Rays game of running would be killed by the puddles on the base paths. I think this has to benefit the Phillies. They have a nights rest at home to come out and play for three innings for the World Series. Not a bad shake, eh? I think they finish the Rays off tonight. I think they should bring out Mitch Williams to get the last out, just because.

The Colts were defeated last night, much to your chagrin I’m sure. I didn’t watch all of the game but I can’t help thinking, why didn’t the Titans go after Roy Williams? He’s a legitimate #1 receiver and is a huge upgrade over anything they’ve got. Kerry Collins has yet to throw for 200 yards and the teams leading receiver is their tight end, which unless his name is Gates or Gonzalez, is a bad sign. That offense is made to play with the lead, but if they get behind, is Kerry Collins really beating you with those weapons? I think not. They remind me of last year’s Jaguars team. Great Defense, great running game and a team not built for playing from behind. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the Jaguars had a great year and were derailed by the Patriots. I’m still interested in the VY-Collins thing. Collins is still keeping the ship afloat, but VY has to play. There is too much money invested in him and he’s led the team to good years in both of his previous seasons starting. I’m willing to bet he gets some snaps within the next 2 weeks.

For the first couple of weeks, I could argue that the Bengals defense was playing admirably and being let down by the offense. After giving up 30 points in 3 of the last 4 games, I can’t even do that much. Schaub and Johnson are a great tandem, but there is no way they should have picked us apart like that, culminating with Jonathan Joseph tapping Kevin Walter after he stood up, and proceeded to watch Walter scamper to the endzone. And Marvin Lewis appeared to do nothing on the sideline. Say what you want about Singletary's rant, but you have to respect it. He put his foot down and let it be known what will and will not be tolerated in his term as substitute teacher, I mean interim coach. Now I hear rumors that we are close to signing Daunte Culpepper. For what? He's washed up and even Chad-TJ won't be able to mask his deficiencies the way Moss did. The best he could do is go 8-0, which would still leave us at 8-8 and out of the playoffs. There is no positive effect to signing him because he will not go 8-0. No chance. Which means I'm sure he'll sign the dotted line sometime this afternoon.

Also, I hear talk of a top college team, such as Texas or Florida, being able to beat the Bengals or Lions in a game. What say you?

Doing any fantasy basketball?

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Florida squeaked by the Cats with a 58 point victory. Luck Gators. But seriously, did anyone see that coming? I said special teams would be critical in my last entry, and even I didn't see that coming. UK's first two punts blocked leading to two UF TD's totaling 4 yards. I've heard blame on Hartline and there is no way you can put it all on him. Yes, he threw a pick-six, but in case you hadn't noticed, it was already 42-3. That interception was hardly the deciding factor. Hartline continues to be limited to a series of "Run-Run-screen", and for what? He'll never succeed that way. You have to open up the offense for him. What's the worst that could happen? It's not like theyd go into halftime down 39 points or anything. Randall Cobb looked ok but the same thing as Hartline. Unless you have a dynamite running game, which we do not, you can't give your QB a "Run-run-screen" series. It's a recipe for failure and a 63-5 drubbing shows just that.

As for the Series, I want the Phillies to win it but I see the Rays winning it. Either way I say the Phillies win in 6, in an underrated series. This could be one of the best series in years that no one will watch because there is no Boston/New York/Chicago team to market around. What a shame.

Now the picks.

Tampa Bay over Dallas-Ahh, the TO- Jeff Garcia feud rears its ugly head. After the Bucs beat the Cowboys, can't you see Garcia walking by TO with his Playmate girlfriend on his arm and quacking at him, after TO's "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck..." accusations of Garcia being gay?

Washington over Detroit-Washington wins big. They lost to the Rams, but the Rams have talent. The Lions do not.

Buffalo over Miami-With Trent Edwards and Jay Cutlers becoming successful NFL QB's after playing on bad college teams, does this guarantee Hartline goes in the first round or no?

New England over St. Louis- How the tables have turned since their Super Bowl Showdown. New England wins this quite easily.

San Diego over NO- I didn't catch Shockey's interview but I can picture him saying that quite easily, and that makes it even funnier. Bree's wants revenge on his old team but struggles with a hurt Shockey and no Reggie Bush. Also Duece McCallister comes back to Earth after the shocking revelation of him using banned substances. Duece my man, you've scored one TD all season. You don't need banned substances to suck.

New York Jets over Kansas City-The Chiefs at least beat a good Broncos team. The Lions have nothing to hang their hat on. The Lions don't even have a hat. Just a crudely made toboggan. NYJ wins this one.

Philly over ATL- It's Turners week for a great game but Philly has only lost to Dallas, Chicago and Washington. I think they beat the Falcons here.

Arizona over Carolina- Don't do it man. Don't believe the Panthers. They've been the trendy Super Bowl pick for the last decade or so. I think Arizona kills their buzz.

Oakland over Baltimore-Baltimore has beaten the Browns, Bengals and Dolphins. Not exactly a murderers row. Jamarcus Russell completes 60 percent of his passes. You heard it here first!

Cincy over Houston- I've never been big on Houston and I'll always pick the Bengals, hence this pick. I really think they can this week. Fitzpatrick is playing better and Benson looked decent last week. I think if we lose this one, we should hand the reigns to the younger Palmer.

Jacksonville over Cleveland-Jacksonville wins after Cleveland forfeits. It appears the whole offensive side of the ball has staph infection. Who knew? Oh, thats right, Kellen Winslow knew all along.

NYG over Pittsburgh- Even though they beat us by 4 TD's, I wasn't impressed by Pittsburgh. They let Cedric Benson dish out a concussion to one of their players. Brandon Jacobs is a hell of a lot bigger than Benson.

San Fransisco over Seattle- Who cares?

Tennessee over Indianapolis- Tennessee has always played Indy well and now Tenn is playing well and Indy isn't. On another note, doesn't the way Peyton Manning plays the good guy, yet berates teammates and undermines coaches, remind you of a certain MVP. His name rhymes with Bobe Kryant.

Why is there no Sunday Night game this week? What gives? I need Bob Costas and Jerome Bettis' beard in my life.

The answer to the Stafford question is 17. I saw a mock draft that had Stafford going in the top 5 to the Lions. If that happens, I'll burn down Detroit myself.

Not related to sports, but I have to send my thoughts and prayers to Jennifer Hudson after her mother and brother were found killed in her home yesterday. Terrible news.

World Series and Football...Oh, What a Week

As I sit here, watching Florida dismantle Kentucky, I thought I'd unleash my NFL picks, as well as my World Series prediction.

I see the Rays winning the Series in 7. Yes...a 7 game World Series. I'm pretty excited about it. I think the Rays will win big (by 5+ runs) in one game, but, other than that, the games will be pretty close. It's been a good series so far, and I'm pretty hyped about the rest of it.

On to the NFL picks.

Tampa Bay over Dallas. I don't think Dallas will look as bad as they did last week, but I also don't think they'll beat a good Tampa Bay team. The Cowboys should be able to get Roy Williams going in this game, but their defense is still pretty terrible...something that Jeff Garcia can take advantage of.

Washington over Detroit. It'll be closer than it should be, as the Redskins seem incapable of blowing anybody out. Still, they're playing the Lions, so that's helpful.

Buffalo over Miami. The Wildcat formation may fool lesser teams, but the Bills have a great defense and will shut down the Dolphins trickery. Miami has a decent defense, too, so it should be a close game.

New England over St. Louis. The Patriots' offense and defense showed up against the Broncos last week, and that should continue this week. I know the Rams have had a nice little run as of late, but I can't see them winning this game. Steven Jackson may have another big game, though.

New Orleans over San Diego. The Saints are still mad about their beatdown at the hands of the Panthers last week and will take it out on the Chargers. Speaking of the Saints...did you see Shockey's interview last week? I can't find the video of it anywhere, but he used the term "matter of the fact", which made me laugh pretty hard.

New York Jets over Kansas City. With the Rams winning the past couple of weeks, the Chiefs (led by Tyler Thigpen) have to be in the running for the worst team in the league, right? I'm thinking the Lions take the title, but the Chiefs are trying to give them a run for their money. The Jets win by at least 17.

Atlanta over Philadelphia. I'm unsure of who to take in this game. I'm not a believer in any team, but I just have a feeling that the Falcons win this.

Carolina over Arizona. I'm slowly becoming a believer in the Panthers, while the Cardinals remain wildly inconsistent. They'll win their division, but that's not saying much.

Oakland over Baltimore. The Raiders aren't as bad as a lot of people seem to think, and the Ravens aren't as good as a lot of people seem to think. It'll be low scoring, but the Raiders will pull this one out.

Houston over Cincinatti. Sorry Tyler. The Bengals have a shot at this game, but, with Carson Palmer out, I just don't see it happening. I would like to see a steady dose of Jordan Palmer in this game.

Jacksonville over Cleveland. Jacksonville will begin to really hit their stride in this game. Cleveland will play well in the first half, but will fall apart in the second half.

Pittsburgh over New York Giants. I know, I know...the Steelers offensive line has a ton of problems, while the Giants have one of the better defensive lines in the league. I can see Eli continuing in his regression this game, though, and the Steelers will take advantage of his mistakes.

San Fransico over Seattle. Blah. Here is the game of the week that I have no interest in watching.

Tennessee over Indianapolis. The Packers/Colts game from last week was my favorite of the season so far. This has a chance to be my favorite non-Packers game of the year. Manning throws 4 interceptions in a Colts loss, knocking them to 3-4 on the season. I've always kind of liked the Titans, so it's good to see them do well...especially if it comes at the expense of the Colts.

I have a question for you on this Georgia/LSU game: how many wide-open receivers will Matthew Stafford overthrow in this game?

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm not here, to start no trouble...

Sorry I can't share in your sports euphoria. My team lost by 4 touchdowns to a team they played admirably for a stretch of around 10 minutes. In the same game, our first round pick and Keith Rivers was knocked out for the season with a broken jaw. This was also the first game we truly got blown out and the first game I can see that our defense looked terrible. On the bright side, our rookie receivers finally got some snaps, with Andre Caldwell doing a great job returning kicks. Jordan Palmer got his first action, going 3 for 4. Chris Henry played great for about one series before being promptly forgotten about. Cedric Benson looked considerably better than Chris Perry has and we have the Texans coming up. Fitzpatrick has played better each week so I think he should start against the Texans to attempt to get us our first win. If we don't win that one, we have to go with Jordan Palmer the rest of the season. After the Texans, we have the Jaguars, Eagles, Steelers and Ravens. If we're going to be bad, we've got to be all the way bad. Start the rookies, put Carson on IR and get ready for next season under a new coach and prayerfully new ownership.

Something we can agree on is watching the Red Sox go down. I have nothing against any player on the Sox and am sure they are all great guys, but I can't remember wanting a team I have no rooting interest to lose so much. Now we have two young teams, minus Moyer, in the World Series. I want the Phillies to win because that city hasn't won in a while and the fact that Charlie Manuel lost his mother during the playoffs, but I'm ok with either team winning it. I'm not ok with the bandwagon fans sure to ensue days after the Series ends.

Kentucky pulled out a great comeback win against Arkansas and kept their season alive. It's been said but I have to give a hats off to Hartline and Randall Cobb. Hartline was booed early and threw two picks, but held it together and had arguably his best game as a starter with 3 TD's and a great win. Cobb not only gets commended for his two touchdown catches, but for wearing #12. When Dicky Lyons went down for the season, Cobb announced he'd wear Lyons #12 for the Arkansas game to show Lyons how much of a mentor he had been to him in his short time here. I thought that was a great gesture. Now the Cats head down to Gainesville to play a scary Florida team, yet I'm not too worried. I'm not sure if we're primed for the upset but our defense has proven it can hang with just about anyone. Tebow hasn't been running as much this season and I think Trevard Lindley can hang with Percy Harvin. The key to this game will be special teams. Florida has a great specials teams crew in Brandon James, who is a threat to return one from anywhere, and a kicker who hasn't missed a kick, FG or XP, all season. Meanwhile the Cats may be without the only threat they have in Derrick Locke and are fielding 2 kickers who each have made half of their FG's all season.

Just for fun...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Fantastic Day in Sports

What a great day.

I woke up around 12:30 and stumbled into the living room, ready to start the day. At 1:00, the Bears/Vikings game started. It ended up being unexpectedly high-scoring (48-41) and exciting, two things I was not expecting out of this game.
At this same time, the Cowboys got absolutely demolished by the Rams, while Owens tried to figure out a way to kill Brad Johnson on the sideline and not get caught.

The Packers game started at 4:15. By the time I had arrived at Cris' house, Green Bay was up 3-0. Indianapolis promptly took the ball down the field and scored a touchdown. 7-3 Colts.
From there on out, the Packers dominated the Colts on both sides of the ball. Rodgers looked fantastic, and Grant looks like he's finally hitting his stride. The defense was stellar. They had great coverage on the Colts receivers, and they twice picked off Manning and took them back for touchdowns. After their initial touchdown, the Colts didn't make it back into the end zone until the final two minutes of the which point it was already a blow-out. The final score was 34-14 Green Bay. Manning had two interceptions and no touchdowns. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was about this game.

Then, Game 7 of the ALCS. I had a bad feeling before it starting, sensing a Boston win. When they went up 1-0 in the first, I felt worse. But the Rays came back with some hitting and great pitching, getting out of some late-inning jams. It was a good game, and ended with the Rays celebrating a World Series berth, thus giving us a non-Red Sox World Series. I couldn't be more excited about it.

We had hot chicken wings for dinner, followed with some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Oh yes, it was a great day. Don't you just love sports?

Football Picks

My football picks.

Dallas over St. Louis - Even with Brad Johnson at quarterback, the Cowboys will win this one easily.

New York Giants over San Francisco - Sure, they lost to the Browns by a ton last week. Still, I can't see the Giants losing this one to the 49ers. I hope they do...but I don't think they will.

Miami over Baltimore - The Ravens aren't nearly as good as the hype suggests. Miami isn't amazing or anything, but they'll pull it out. Low scoring game.

Tennessee over Kansas City - Tennessee will lose eventually...but not today.

Cincinnati over Pittsburgh - They have to win at some point, and everyone is picking against them here. I know that the Steelers are coming off a bye week and should be rested, but I can see the Bengals winning this one with a field goal late in the 4th.

Chicago over Minnesota - Orton is actually looking really good, which is surprising to me. If he can keep it up, the Bears may be dangerous this year (though their defense isn't as good as it has been).

New Orleans over Carolina - Do you realize that Brees is completing 71% of his passes? That's ridiculous. Carolina is good, but New Orleans will be better this week.

Buffalo over San Diego - Let's see how good the Chargers look when they actually have to play a team with a good defense.

Houston over Detroit - I don't think we'll be watching much of this game.

Green Bay over Indianapolis - Are the Colts back? I don't know...but I don't think one good game fixes a team's problems. Packers win 35-28.

New York Jets over Oakland - Until Russell is able to complete at least 50% of his passes, the Raiders won't really have a chance.

Washington over Cleveland - With as good as they have been playing, I can't see the Redskins losing this game after losing to the Saints last week.

Tampa Bay over Seattle - This is the Sunday night game? I'm not sure if I'll be able to sit through this or not.

New England over Denver - The Patriots are on the verge of losing Randy Moss. Expect a lot of throws in his direction.

One baseball note: this Tampa Bay/Boston series is making me sick to my stomach. If Boston wins this series, I will not be in good shape.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Talkin' football

The biggest thing with Roy Williams isn't him helping out a Cowboys team in need of help because of injuries. Despite popular belief, Roy Williams was actually traded from Detroit to Dallas to aid my ailing fantasy team. I own Williams and watch him rot week after week with funny surnamed quarterback after funny surnamed quarterback. I also own TO and am watching his points go lower and lower. Hopefully this TO-RW2 (Do new Roy and old Roy fight over who gets referred to as Roy Williams around the locker room?) will give life to a 1-5 team that scored 32 points last week. 32!

Also, one thing that I haven't heard to be mentioned much: The Cowboys have one star receiver who complains he isn't getting enough to fix this problem, they trade for another? Williams was complaining being second fiddle to Calvin Johnson, and that's all the Lions had. Now he has to compete with TO/Witten/Barber trio for touches? Granted he has a better QB to get him the ball, but he also has more options to split it with. I didn't even mention Felix Jones and the Crayton/Austin taking some touches as well. This could be interesting.

Kentucky is about to face Arkansas is a big game for us. The game is big because if UK loses hear, they won’t win another game this season. A win here and they have a shot against Mississippi State and maybe Vandy or Tennessee. I see the Cats squeaking a win out.

Now for the NFL picks.

San Diego @ Buffalo- Buffalo is coming off a whooping by a good Cardinals team and a bye week. I think they win here.

Minnesota @ Chicago- I’ll spare you the “Adrian Peterson is due!” pick this week. Chicago has lost 3 games by a total of 8 points. They win here.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati- Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Tennessee @ Kansas City- Gus Frerotte leads the undefeated Titans into Kansas City. Doesn’t sound right does it? Well he’ll enter and leave Kansas City undefeated.

Dallas @ St. Louis- You can’t count St. Louis out because of their victory last week and the Cowboys drama…or can you? Actually, yea you can. It’s not that hard.

Baltimore @ Miami- Chad Pennington isn’t that bad. Joe Flacco isn’t that good. Miami takes the win.

San Francisco @ New York Giants- Pitt-Cincy? Tenn-KC? Dallas-StL? What gives? Is this David vs. Goliath week? NYG wins easily.

NO @ Carolina- It feels like they play every two weeks. I can’t explain it. Carolina takes the W.

Detroit @ Houston- The people of Houston had their stadium ravaged by a hurricane and they
get to return to this game? What a cruel world we live in. Houston wins its second in a row.

NYJ-Oakland- I keep looking at Oakland and thinking that they can’t be that bad, can they? They have a solid defense, a good trio of running backs and aren’t in a particularly challenging division. I’ll pick them for the upset.

Indy @ Green Bay- Indy has been hitting its stride and GB has been struggling. Sorry Dusty, Indy wins this one.

Cleveland-Washington- Cleveland looked great last week and Washington looked awful. This week, the roles are reversed and Washington returns to contender form.

Seattle-Tampa Bay- Why can’t the Bengals play Seattle? I think they are the only team we’d have a decent chance at beating. Instead, they get shellacked by the Bucs and we get plastered by Pittsburgh.

Denver-New England- Man, Monday Night Football just aint what it used to be. Denver takes this one

Talkin' football

The biggest thing with Roy Williams isn't him helping out a Cowboys team in need of help because of injuries. Despite popular belief, Roy Williams was actually traded from Detroit to Dallas to aid my ailing fantasy team. I own Williams and watch him rot week after week with funny surnamed quarterback after funny surnamed quarterback. I also own TO and am watching his points go lower and lower. Hopefully this TO-RW2 (Do new Roy and old Roy fight over who gets referred to as Roy Williams around the locker room?) will give life to a 1-5 team that scored 32 points last week. 32!

Also, one thing that I haven't heard to be mentioned much: The Cowboys have one star receiver who complains he isn't getting enough to fix this problem, they trade for another? Williams was complaining being second fiddle to Calvin Johnson, and that's all the Lions had. Now he has to compete with TO/Witten/Barber trio for touches? Granted he has a better QB to get him the ball, but he also has more options to split it with. I didn't even mention Felix Jones and the Crayton/Austin taking some touches as well. This could be interesting.

Kentucky is about to face Arkansas is a big game for us. The game is big because if UK loses hear, they won’t win another game this season. A win here and they have a shot against Mississippi State and maybe Vandy or Tennessee. I see the Cats squeaking a win out.

Now for the NFL picks.

San Diego @ Buffalo- Buffalo is coming off a whooping by a good Cardinals team and a bye week. I think they win here.

Minnesota @ Chicago- I’ll spare you the “Adrian Peterson is due!” pick this week. Chicago has lost 3 games by a total of 8 points. They win here.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati- Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Tennessee @ Kansas City- Gus Frerotte leads the undefeated Titans into Kansas City. Doesn’t sound right does it? Well he’ll enter and leave Kansas City undefeated.

Dallas @ St. Louis- You can’t count St. Louis out because of their victory last week and the Cowboys drama…or can you? Actually, yea you can. It’s not that hard.

Baltimore @ Miami- Chad Pennington isn’t that bad. Joe Flacco isn’t that good. Miami takes the win.

San Francisco @ New York Giants- Pitt-Cincy? Tenn-KC? Dallas-StL? What gives? Is this David vs. Goliath week? NYG wins easily.

NO @ Carolina- It feels like they play every two weeks. I can’t explain it. Carolina takes the W.

Detroit @ Houston- The people of Houston had their stadium ravaged by a hurricane and they get to return to this game? What a cruel world we live in. Houston wins its second in a row.

NYJ-Oakland- I keep looking at Oakland and thinking that they can’t be that bad, can they? They have a solid defense, a good trio of running backs and aren’t in a particularly challenging division. I’ll pick them for the upset.

Indy @ Green Bay- Indy has been hitting its stride and GB has been struggling. Sorry Dusty, Indy wins this one.

Cleveland-Washington- Cleveland looked great last week and Washington looked awful. This week, the roles are reversed and Washington returns to contender form.

Seattle-Tampa Bay- Why can’t the Bengals play Seattle? I think they are the only team we’d have a decent chance at beating. Instead, they get shellacked by the Bucs and we get plastered by Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Somewhere, Wade Phillips is Crying

Oh man...don't get me started on USC. I've had massive problems with them and Ohio State over the years. They play in terrible conferences, not always dominating the competition. Yet, somehow, they're always ranked in the top 15...usually somewhere in the top 10 or even 5, when it's painfully obvious that a 17-ranked team could beat them. How is USC #4 after losing to an unranked team (and, like you said, not even a deceptively good team)? No earthly idea...and if they end up in the National Championship game, I'll start doing some damage.

Are the Cowboys a joke? Owens is complaining about not getting enough opportunities, when they're actively forcing the ball to him, even though he's getting manhandled at the line and can't seem to get open anymore. Jones is suspended again, and Jerry Jones is apologizing to the league and anyone who will listen for trying to make it work. Over the course of one overtime possession (lasting all of 30 seconds), Romo broke his pinkie and McBriar broke his foot.
The good news is they just traded for Roy Williams, a great receiver. Putting him opposite Owens will create a lot more one-on-one for each of them, which is a terrifying prospect for the rest of the league. They also have Jason Witten (one of the best pass-catching tight ends currently in the leauge) in the middle and Marion Barber out of the backfield. That has the potential to be a lethal offense.
However, it looks like they'll be bringing out the corpse of Brad Johnson for a couple of weeks, who is basically a really old Chad Pennington. How can the offense stretch the field when their quarterback can't throw past 20 yards? Granted, Owens is great at making something happen after a catch, which he'll be able to do with little crossing routes across the field. But the defenses will be playing close to the line, daring Johnson to beat them deep...which he can't do.
Like you said, though, their next 3 games aren't exactly killers, and they could realistically win at least 2 of those. Your scenario is quite possible: they win 2 or 3 of their next stretch of games, they get Romo back for the Redskins game, and they lose it. It'll be interesting to see what happens with them; they could completely fall apart, or they could become one of the scarier offenses in the league.

I'm with you on the Bengals rolling with Jordan Palmer if Carson is out for the year. What's the point in trotting out Fitzpatrick for the rest of the year? Why not start a bunch of the young guys and see what you have? What's the worst that could happen? You lose a bunch of games. Well, they're going to do that anyway. The best that could happen is that they find they have a bunch of good young talent. They can keep some of them, and trade high on some of the others, either for draft picks or for need positions.
Did you see the story about Bengals ticket holders selling their tickets for well below face value on StubHub? Apparently $64 tickets are going for around $25. The fans are pissed, and the team is, too. Throw out your young guys and see what happens.

It's looking like the nightmare that would've been Dodgers/Red Sox isn't going to happen. With the Phillies getting clutch hits and the Rays absolutely DOMINATING the Red Sox (man...that felt good to write), it's looking like a Rays/Phillies World Series. That's not a bad match-up. Maybe it's not the game that the league wanted, but I'm pretty excited about it. I know that neither of the series are over yet, and I know that anything can happen...but I'm already getting hyped for Rays/Phillies. Just for the record, I'll be pulling for the Rays. I don't really care about the whole "tortured fanbase" thing. I feel kind of bad for them...but not bad enough to cheer for them, no matter the circumstances.
One question about the Rays: how does BJ Upton, a guy with smaller arms than me, have so much power?

Love the picture of A-Rod. In honor of that picture, I give you A-Rod's classy the family section of Yankee Stadium.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Sox hat is in the mail...Does Mo Vaughn still play for them?

One more thing I forgot to mention about the Hartline situation. Yes you could move him to the bench and put true freshmen Randall Cobb in at quarterback, but that leads to another problem. Of Hartline’s 23 completions against South Carolina, 8 went to Cobb. If you put Cobb at WR, you’re depleting an already thin receiving corps. The best and most consistent receiver on the team, Dicky Lyons, just went down for the season with a torn PCL and MCL. If you put Cobb at quarterback, he’s doing no more than Hartline in throwing screen after screen to running backs, so are you really upgrading?

Florida did look great last week against LSU, but they’ve got a tough road ahead, as does anyone in the SEC. They get a week of before Kentucky, playing at Georgia and then traveling to Vanderbilt. Kentucky and Vandy are hardly the pushovers they once were and UGA is a title contender in their own right.

USC is back to #4 in the nation only 2 games after losing to a still unranked Oregon State team. It’s not like this Oregon State team was lurking and after the USC game we found out how good they were. They are an average team, as a 3-3 record will indicate. Yet USC is above such teams as an undefeated Texas Tech team, Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma teams with one loss, and Ohio State with one loss. I’ve said it before, but if I’m an OSU fan I am downright outraged. We lost to the then #1 team in the nation and a month later we still can’t crack the top 10. Meanwhile USC loses to an unranked team, and is a top 5 team a couple of weeks later. Keep an eye out for Penn State who has moved up to #3. #1 Texas has a brutal schedule and #2 Alabama is bound to lose at least one in the SEC. If Penn State gets past OSU in 2 weeks, they could be looking at a Title appearance…and a subsequent drubbing by whatever SEC team meets them there.

Romo out for a month? Bad news right? Not necessarily. Their next 3 games are the Rams, Bucs and Giants. The Rams should be an easy one, even after they shocked the Skins. The Bucs are solid but are definitely beatable. The Giants could be tough, but if they look the way they did last night, Brad Johnson will have a field day. Johnson is a steady veteran with a championship ring, something few, if any, Cowboys currently have. I can see them going 3-0 without Romo, and then losing as soon as he gets back to the Redskins.

Word on the street is that Carson Palmer needs Tommy John surgery, and if so, could miss the rest of this season and part of next. It hasn’t been confirmed, but with our luck this season, I’m going to go ahead and believe it. This news hurts, but not as much as you would think. The season is all but done. I’d much rather this happen when we are 0-6, than having a 6-0 season derailed by such terrible news. If true, we need to give Jordan Palmer some starts instead of Fitzpatrick. Fitz has proved what he can do in this league and no one is better and looking bewildered on 3rd and long, but it’s time to move on. The rookies aren’t getting any time and I have no clue why. Only Keith Rivers and Corey Lynch are getting any real time. The wide receivers we drafted to integrate with the aging dynamic duo we have now have yet to catch a ball. Unless they guys are just getting blitzkrieged in practice, why not get them some snaps? Hell, even if they are getting dominated, they still need to get their feet wet. Yet we play the same veterans that got us to 0-6. Sigh.

Could we be inching closer to a Phillies-Rays World Series? Yes, Dodgers-Red Sox would be a more marketable series but I think Boston would win easily as Manny would get walked every time he got off the bus. Phillies-Rays could be a good one. I have no ties to any team left, but I have to root for the Phillies. With the fruitless Barkley years, the Iverson era, Joe Carter’s home run and the Eagle’s always coming up just short, I really hope they can win one. Of course, this post is probably the jinx they didn’t need and the Dodgers will rip off three straight. Just anyone but the Red Sox.

And just for fun:

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Alive...and Actively Rooting Against Boston

I'm alive...just busy. Last week was greatly stressful, but it's behind me now. Sorry for my absence.

I guess I'll start out talking about UK football. I know a lot of people are not big Hartline fans (some of my co-workers included...they call him "Flatline"), but I'll back the guy. Is he fantastic? No...not by a long shot. But I think he can develop into a good quarterback. I'm also a little partial to him because I had a class with him this past summer, and he seemed like a good enough guy. I also know that he was expected to go into the season as the number 3 quarterback, riding the bench, and, possibly, holding a clipboard from time to time. When legal troubles claimed the top two quarterbacks (within about a week, if I remember correctly), he went from benchwarmer to starting quarterback in a hurry. That has to be tough. Allow me to repeat this: he was the third-string quarterback up until a month-and-a-half before the season started. He didn't win the job; it was thrust upon him by necessity. What team has a third-string QB that can jump right into the starting role without problems at first? There aren't too many...yet UK (under Hartline's guidance) started the season 4-0, and lost by only 3 points to an Alabama team that is now ranked #2 in the country. Does their defense deserve credit? You betcha...but Hartline does, as well.
Also, like you said, it doesn't help that his receivers can't seem to hold onto a ball. I was watching the end of the game on Saturday. It was fairly late in the 4th quarter, 3rd and 10. Hartline dropped back, threw a ball across the middle about 12 yards downfield, where it hit his receivers' hands...and he dropped it. The ball was a little high, but it was by no means uncatchable. And what do the announcers say? "Bad pass by Hartline. It would've been a tough catch for the receiver." Well...not really.

How about Florida? Their offense and defense have not looked great this year. They go up against LSU, who said they would send Tebow to the hospital (real classy, guys)...and get killed by 30 points. This was LSU, who has one of the most feared defenses in the country, and Florida put up 51 points on them. If they play like that for the rest of the year, they'll be playing for (and winning) another National Championship.

There were a number of great games this weekend. Some exciting endings. Some bad coaching decisions to set up some of those great endings, but that didn't make them any less exciting. Some shocking games, too. The Redskins lost to the Rams? Who saw that one coming? I don't even think Rams fans were thinking that was going to happen.

Here are my two favorite non-Packers moments from this past weekend:
1. Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of the endzone for a safety without realizing that he was doing it.
2. The Cardinals blocking a Cowboys punt inside the five and falling in for the game-winning touchdown while the punter lay in a crumpled heap, then seeing Ken Whisenhunt take a lap around the stadium to celebrate with fans.

The end of that Cardinals game wasn't much fun to watch, though. Without any timeouts, the Cowboys were somehow able to get about 3 minutes before each play to rest and setup in the final minute, due to the incompetance of the refs. In a final act of injustice, the refs refused to call an injury timeout after a long Cowboys completion, instead saying that the injured Cardinal 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage was offsides, and was running unabated to the quarterback, thus making a 57 yard game-tying field goal a 52 yard field goal (which just barely squeaked in). On top of that, there was so much confusion about this call that there was a 5 minute delay while the refs tried to figure it out, thus giving the Cowboys time to calmly set up their field goal unit. So, instead of having to rush out and kick a 57 yard field goal, they were calmly able to set up to kick a 52 yard field goal...which was blocked...but Whisenhunt had called a timeout directly before the play, allowing the Cowboys another shot.
A frustrating ending, but, thankfully, the Cardinals pulled it out.

In response to your question about Rodgers: their 3 straight losses (a losing streak that ended yesterday) were the result of a combination of things. Some of it may have been Rodgers' growing pains...but, as far as Rodgers is concerned, it had more to do with his shoulder injury. In their loss to the Falcons, he had Greg Jennings wide open 30 yards downfield during a crucial third down play...but he was running the other way, and his shoulder didn't allow him to get enough on it to get it to Jennings. He looked better this past week, but he is still in a lot of pain.
But Rodgers alone is not to blame for their losing streak. After the Falcons game, I heard an announcer say, "Would Brett Favre have let the Falcons come into Lambeau and win?" First of all...he did. In the playoffs. Second of all, I don't think Favre plays defense, and I don't think Favre played running back or offensive line. Their defense has been ravaged by injuries, which has been allowing teams to run on them a ton, and keep sustained drives. On top of that, their running game has not been great. With as good as Grant was last year, it seems like he'd be at least as good this year, having been in the system longer and all that. But, from what I've seen, Brandon Jackson has been the better runner so far this season. I don't know why he's not getting more touches, but they need to get the ball to him more. He's quick, he's strong, and he fights for every yard.
We have Indianapolis next week (I like our chances in that one), then our bye week. Hopefully we'll come out of the bye week 4-3, rested, and ready for the rest of the season.

The Dodgers put on quite a show last night. Who knew Jamie Moyer would have trouble? With a blistering 87 mph fastball, I never thought playoff teams would catch up with him.
I'd love to see that series go 7. Here's something I'm not quite sure of: during the bench-clearing shouting match, what was Manny so upset about? He had to be restrained by 5 guys, and I'm not even sure who (or what) he was mad at.

The Rays/Red Sox series is tied 1-1 heading into Fenway this afternoon. I can see the Rays winning this in 7...but I'd really love for them to win it in 5. The sooner the Red Sox are knocked out, the better off I'll be. If the Red Sox end up winning the World Series again (and if they go against the Dodgers in the Series), I'll have to seriously consider moving out of the country. I don't know that I can take another Boston championship team. I just can't.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are you alive?

Just watched Kentucky blow a game to South Carolina where they:
-forced 4 turnovers before halftime, 3 of which in the first quarter.
-watched South Carolina's kicker miss 4 field goals.
-went 1/16 on third down conversions
-watched South Carolina pull it's started for a freshman midway through the game.
-a freshman with a son named after a character from Happy Feet.
-were scored upon by a man named Captain.

We have a great defense being squandered by an impotent offense. Of 24 points scored by South Carolina, 7 were from a blocked FG returned for a touchdown by our man Captain, and 7 were because of an easy touchdown because of an 84 yard kickoff return but, you guessed it. The best name in college football, Captain Munnerlyn. QB Mike Hartline is in no way ready to lead the Cats, but in his defense we have a questionable line, 4 similarly styled running backs and shaky receiving at best. The overthrown screens, underthrown slants and terrible body language are all on his watch though. Still, I won't give up on him just because over 3 years ago I watched Andre Woodson's metamorphosis. 3 seasons ago Woodson was a struggling sophomore, much like Hartline, who started every game for the 3-8 Cats and throw 6 TD's all season. Over the next two years Woodson won 16 games and threw 74 touchdowns. This year Hartline has started every game for the 4-2 Cats, and has 5 touchdowns already. Give him some time.

Onto the picks.

Baltimore @ Indy- I'm going to go with Baltimore here. Their D will neutralize Manning and the Ravens can run all over Indy's D. Is Manning through?

Detroit @ Minnesota- I was a week early. Here is where Peterson goes off for 200 yards and a couple scores. Minnesota in an easy one.

Oakland @ New Orleans- I'm gonna go with Oakland here. The team hasn't been playing terrible and last week New Orleans had 2 punt return TD's and still couldn't overcome the guile of Gus Frerotte.

Cincinnati @ NYJ- No Palmer. Favre throws 9 interceptions in a Bengals win. (I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not picking against the Bengals. I don't care if the bus runs out of gas and they never make it to the stadium. I'll stick take them.)

Chicago @ Atlanta- 2 surprising teams meet up. Last week Turner did well, so I predict 4 yards on 18 carries for him and a loss for the Falcons.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay- I'm taking Carolina. They are looking good and as far as I know, Griese is still at the helm for the Bucs.

St. Louis @ Washington- The next 3 weeks the Skins have St. Louis, Cleveland and Detroit. Could they hit the midpoint 7-1? They start here with a commanding victory.

Miami @ Houston- Houston finally leaves the ranks on the winless with a victory here.

Jacksonville @ Denver- Jacksonville is getting it together and though Denver played defense last week, they don't do it two weeks in a row. Jacksonville gets the win.

Philly @ San Fran- Philly has to win this game. If not, Donovan McNabb may actually raise his voice at a teammate. And we wouldn't want that.

Green Bay @ Seattle- Last years division champs duke it out in a slobberknocker of a game! Hasselbeck wants the ball and he's going to score! Nah, I'm just joshing ya. Green Bay wins a potentially boring game.

Dallas @ Arizona- The Cards gave up 48 to the Jets a few weeks back which bodes well for the Boys. I think it'll be a much closer game though with the Cowboys prevailing.

New England @ San Diego- GB- Seattle? Baltimore-Indy? Now this one? Is this the 2005 playoffs or what? I think NE wins this one.

NYG @ Cleveland- All the little chicks with the crimson lips say Cleveland Sucks! Cleveland sucks! A candidate for the worse MNF game of the year. At least until Week 10 gives us San Francisco @ Arizona! Huzzah!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reggie Peterson and the gang!

Down to the Final Four of baseball, and I have but one team correct in the Dodgers. The Boston- Tampa series will be interesting. It's easy to look at the matchup on paper and pick the Sox experience over the Rays, but the Rays didn't just squeak by their first round series. They won in convincing fashion. Though they won the regular season series 10-8, I think the buck stops here and the Red Sox win in 6. Philly and LA could be a sneaky good series. The sports fan in me would like to see Philly win because that city hasn't won anything in so long, but I don't think they pull it out. I'll stick with the Dodgers in the World Series.

Huzzah! The Bengals played reasonably well against the Cowboys, especially after spotting them 17. A fumble by Paper Mache` Perry proved to be costly. At least he's consistent: He''s fumbled in all but one game, and had 2 in one outing which games him a solid 5 for the season. In his defense he had a nice touchdown run called back by a stupid penalty. If he got that score, we go into halftime down one score instead of two, and maybe our second half rally isn't fruitless. But it was. So we lost. Cause we're bad. But not 0-5 bad. The only double digit loss we have is to the undefeated Titans. Maybe this week at the Jets will start the turnaround. Or maybe we go 0-16. Mike Brown resigns and next season we start cooking. Time will tell.

Good to have Chris Henry back. In his first game back he had 0 catches and I can't even remember Palmer throwing a ball his way. Benson had a stellar debut as well with 30 yards on 10 carries. Kudos fellas.

One thing on my mind is everybody ripping Sage Rosenfels for that dive which led to the fumble and recovery for the Colts. The Texans are winless. At some point you have to take risks to win ball games. He knew that if he got that first down, the game was pretty much a wrap, so he took a chance. Why he thought he could jump 4 yards over 2 defenders is beyond me, but he did take a risk for his team's sake. Besides, with Bob Sanders out, who's scaring you on that Colt's defense? No one, that's who.

So Adrian Peterson didn't exactly crack the 220 yards I predicted. Or 200 yards. Or 100. Hell, even 40 yards, but the Vikings won nonetheless. This game got me to thinking, if you could have any 2 running back system in the league, wouldn't it have to be Peterson and Reggie Bush? Perfect complements of each other and big play threats in their own right. Who's your dynamic duo of runners if you could pick any two current RB's?

The Pack have lost three in a row. What's the deal? Is it injuries? I know that defense is pretty banged up, but there's gotta be more to it, doesn't there? Is it Rodger's growing pains? Answer me I say.

If you were a big league closer/slugger, what song is playing as you come to bat? Something off Graduation I'm assuming.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti O's!

Yea, not too long after I posted that, I realized baseball only goes Best of 5 in the first round. My mistake. I either had my mind on basketball, which starts shortly, or I should cut back on the crack. I'm going with the latter.

I stick with my picks, even with the skewed number of games I picked and they way some of them are going. The Cubs were swept last night and I am not surprised. Well, actually I am. Not surprised they lost, but I am surprised they got swept. From Day 1, I didn't buy into the Cubs, but they are a better team than they showed. If they can keep that core together and healthy, especially Harden, they may make some noise this year.

The White Sox look bad. The Angels look bad. The Brewers look mediocre. But I'm still not giving up on any of them. Especially the Brewers. If they can even things up today, I think they'll win Game 5 but we shall see.

On to my picks. These are being posted 10 minutes after the games started but I'm at work and have yet to see any score so they are valid.

Tennessee over Baltimore. Fisher is a smart guy but at some point, it goes over his head. The owner is the one that paid VY those millions and could send down the call to Fisher to start Young. I really hope it doesn't come to that. In a game of great defenses, the semi-competent offense defeats the barely competent offense.

Carolina over Kansas City. Herm Edwards has his soundbite of the year. Now for the rest of the season.

Detroit over Chicago: Why not? I need an upset or two and getting rid of Millen has to feel great.

Atlanta over Green Bay-I'll go another with another upset here. Michael Turner has good games every other week and last week he sucked. This week? 347 yards and 9 touchdowns.

Indy over Houston: Houston will look good enough to sucker you in, then look terrible the next week. Peyton puts up, dare I say, Eli-esque numbers in a victory here.

San Diego over Miami. If I'm Miami, I direct snap to Ronnie Brown every play. If it confused Belichick, imagine what it'll do to Norv Turner.

New York Giants over Seattle. The two ugliest quarterbacks in the league square off in a battle better suited for the radio.

Washington over Philadelphia. Washington looked great last week. They handled a much better offensive team in Dallas and I can see them doing the same here.

Denver over Tampa Bay: That defense is awful but this is Griese's fourth start I believe. Chalk him up for 3 interceptions.

Buffalo over Arizona: Buffalo bounces back after two ugly wins to beat Arizona, who will severely miss Anquan Boldin.

Dallas vs. Cincinnati.- If Fitzpatrick plays, I may not even watch. If Carson plays, we'll win.

New England over San Francisco- The Pats win what seems to be a particularly boring game.

Jacksonville over Pittsburgh- Jacksonville is hitting its stride just as Pitt is barely getting by.

Minnesota over New Orleans- I have a feeling Adrian Peterson will show out on Monday Night. Like really. I'm guessing 220 yards+ and 2-3 touchdowns. He's due.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Got Picks and Picks and Picks...

T.I.? I've never been a huge fan. I like a handful of his songs, but that's about it. I know he's supposed to be the second-coming of awesome, but I'm still not sold. I haven't listened to his new album, though, so I guess I need to do that.

I loved the Al Davis press conference. Great comedy. My favorite part was when he was talking about the lies of Kiffin, then, out of nowhere, started accusing the Patriots of tampering with Moss. That press conference was nothing more than the incoherent ramblings of a madman. We really need more of those.

Your predictions are way out of whack. MLB first round series are 5 your picks like "Angels in 6" don't really work that well.
With that in mind (and with 2 games gone), here are mine:

Boston over LA in 4. I hate this prediction. I really do. I wanted nothing more than for Boston to get swept out of the playoffs. As it is, it looks like they'll win this series. Get ready for more brand new Boston hats.

Tampa Bay over Chicago in 3. SWEEP! Congrats to the White Sox for clawing their way into the playoffs...but the Rays are for real, and the White Sox will feel their wrath. Be prepared for an obnoxious Ozzie Guillen rant.

Chicago over LA in 5. I don't care that they're down 0-2. I believed that Chicago would sweep this series, and I believe they can win the next 3 games. It'll be tough, and they have to play 3 great games in a row, but I know they're capable of it. Rich Harden is on the mound tonight, and he's been lights-out for the Cubs since the trade.

Philadelphia over Milwaukee in 4. The Brewers had a good run, and it's great that they made it back to the postseason. But Philly is too good to lose three straight.

Tampa Bay over Boston in 5. Suck it, Boston fans. You just got beat by the Rays. Longoria will have a monster series, and all those brand new Boston hats will be replaced by Tampa Bay hats and Longoria jerseys.

Chicago over Philadelphia in 7. A good match-up leads to a good series, with the Cubs having a big Game 7 and winning by 6 runs.

World Series:
Tampa Bay over Chicago in 6. It'll be tough, and the Rays will take their lumps. But they'll come out on top at the end, much to the dismay of Cubs fans everywhere (sorry Matthew).

NFL Picks?

Tennessee over Baltimore. I understand your point about Vince Young, but Jeff Fisher seems like a smart guy, and will do what is right for his team, no matter how much money is sitting on the bench. Tennessee has a great defense, and they need a quarterback who won't lose the game for them. Right now, Kerry Collins is giving them that. They take care of Baltimore here in a low-scoring game. Baltimore note: Flacco is better than I thought he'd be.

Carolina over Kansas City. Sure, they beat Denver, but that doesn't mean KC is a good team. Carolina wins easily.

Chicago over Detroit. No more Matt Millen. Yay! But the Lions still need to find a way to win with the guys he put on the field, which will be no easy task against the Bears.

Green Bay over Atlanta. Atlanta has a better record than anyone thought they would, but I still don't see them winning this game...even if Matt Flynn is forced into a start (shudder). Why wouldn't the Packers look into signing a veteran back-up? And how is it possible that Flynn is better than Brohm? So many questions...

Houston over Indianapolis. Houston had a big game against Jacksonville last weekend, and Jacksonville has a much better defense than Indy. Expect something in the 38-35 range.

San Diego over Miami. I'm still not completely sold on San Diego this season, but they're playing Miami. They already had their good game for the season.

New York Giants over Seattle. At this point, I'm not sure the Seahawks can win the easiest division in football. The Giants defense appears to be just as strong as last year, which doesn't bode well for Seattle.

Washington over Philadelphia. Westbrook may be back, but he won't be 100%. Washington will put up 24 points, which will be too much for Philly, especially after McNabb gets knocked out in the third quarter.

Tampa Bay over Denver. Denver offense short-circuited last weekend with turnovers, and their defense is terrible. Against a good Tampa defense with an above-average offense, I don't think Denver really has a shot.

Arizona over Buffalo. While undefeated, Buffalo has flirted with losing the past two weeks. Arizona is coming off a disappointing showing against the Jets last weekend, but showed they can still put up points. Buffalo will, once again, make a late rally, but it will fall short.

Dallas over Cincinnati. Cover your eyes, Tyler...I don't want you to have to see what will happen in this game...especially if Fitzpatrick is once again the starting quarterback. Dallas is pissed about next week, and will come out firing on all cylinders. Ugliness will ensue.

New England over San Francisco. Say what you will about him, Belichick is still a good coach, and has had 2 weeks to prepare for JT O'Sullivan. They won't blow anyone away, but this should be a convincing win for the Pats. They'll start spreading the field a little more with their passing game, opening up holes in the middle to run through.

Jacksonville over Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh pulled off a good win against Baltimore, but it was a phyical match-up on Monday night. They won't be fully recovered, and will be out-of-sync, much like they were in the first half against Baltimore. The difference here is that Jacksonville has a much better offense than Baltimore, and won't allow the Steelers back into this game.

New Orleans over Minnesota. The Vikings have a great running defense. Too bad the Saints have a great passing game. All of the people who picked the Vikings to go to the Super Bowl will begin to seriously backtrack immediately following this game.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick thoughts

We just signed Cedric Benson and he may be starting for us against the Cowboys. Ugh. Paper Mache` Perry has a bum hamstring, as does Kenny Watson, which leaves Benson. A man that has been arrested 2 times since the end of last season. His numer of arrests outnumber his carries in the past 11 months. And he's the likely starter for us on the road against one of the best teams in the league in the Cowboys. Fantastic.

PLEASE tell me you saw Al Davis' corpse fire Lane Kiffin the other day. Highest of high comedy. The best part was the "HE lied to me. Over a period of weeks....and months...and a year...and time." Well played Al, well played.

Vince Young's return is looming which puts the Titans in a bit of a predicament. Stay with Collins who has them sitting pretty at 4-0., or turn it back over to Young? I know what will happen (Young reclaims the spot because of the money invested in him), but I wonder what should happen. Collins has this team at the top of the league, but it's not like he's playing out of his mind or anything. He's been riding the coattails of a great defense, and there's nothing wrong with that. Here's what they should do. The Titans play Baltimore this week and Collins will be the starter. They will escape with a victory but that defense may tee off on Collins. NExt they have a bye week, and then the Chiefs. That's 3 weeks for VY to get into shape. Start him against the Chiefs and if they don't absolutely dominate that Chiefs squad, they have to go back to Collins. After KC, they have Indy and Green Bay, two struggling but nonetheless talented teams.

My baseball predictions a day late.

BOS-LAA.Boston won last night but I'm taking the Angels in 6. Partly because I'm growing tired of the Red Sox and their fans and would like for them to go away but partly because the Angels have dominated this Red Sox team this year. Including last night, they are 8-2 against Boston this season, going 5-0 in Boston. Dice K had a shaky posteason last year and I think the Angels can ratlle him for a Game 2 victory. Beckett pitches Game 3 back in Boston, but I still think the Angels can take this series. Whoever wins the series will probably win the whole thing.

CWS-TB. As much as I'd like to see the upstart Rays win the series, I think they have to take their lumps first. Every truely great team gets smashed in the playoffs for a year or two before they make the leap. I see the White Sox winning this in 6.

CHC-LAD. I'll say it again, I'm still not sold on this Cubs team. They have a lot of pressure on them to break the curse and I don't think this team can do it yet. The Dodgers on the other hand are prime candidates for a run. They have no real pressure on them, and at only 6 games over .500, they seem like the annual mediocre team to knock someone off and make a post season run. I say they win this series in 5.

MWB-PHI. Logic tells me to take the Phillies because the Brewers stumbled to the finish line, but my heart tells me to take the Brewers. They lost last night, but Sabathia pitches tonight and I think they even it up. Whose to say Sabathia can't go on 0 no days rest for 7 games? I won't bet against him. I hear he and Prince Fielder are in the lab working on a stainproof jersey on his off days. I've come this far with the Brewers and I won't give up on them yet. Brewers in 7.

Now to the good stuff.

ALCS-CWS vs. LAA- The White Sox only advanced last round because of a favorable matchup against the upstart Rays. Here, they aren't so lucky. Angels in 5.

NLCS- MWB vs. LAD- Losing Sheets hurts the Brewers. Manny had his way with Sabathia last year during the playoffs and Manny is so out of it, he probably still thinks this is last years ALCS. The Dodgers win this one in 5 and make it an All-California World Series.

World Series- The Angels lick their chops for this lineup. The Dodgers took 2 of 3 during Interleague Play, but I can't see a repeat performance. Angels in 4 in yet another one sided World Series.

Are you a fan of T.I.?